Fiber Artist

Find out what is going on in my Loom Room today....


 -  Careful selection of the colors, patterns and designs are incorporated into each rug coming
off the loom. If you wish to have certain colors to match your décor, Karen can help arrange a tasteful
combination.  Various patterns, colors and original designs available for purchase
SOCKS Handmade socks are available in 100% wool or wool /cotton blends. Socks are knit on very\
unique antique 1904 and 1925 Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machines. Custom orders available ~
JEWELRY  Handcrafted beaded bangle dimensional bracelets.  Uniquely One Of A Kind! 
TEXTILES Although rag rugs are featured for sale, Karen also weaves other household items.
Lovely wool blankets and throws, kitchen towels, mats, delicate runners and bread basket cloths. 
YARN Handspun yarns flow from her three old spinning wheels in luscious colors and textures.  

ROVINGS Custom blended wool rovings for spinning, are shorn from local sheep and processed at
Rainbow Fleece Farms in New Glarus, WI.  Dyed and natural colors available. 

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