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Handwoven Rugs
Keeping with traditional methods of saving, “making do” and using plain old fashioned recycling, KarenInTheWoods employs the culture and handcrafts of the Olde World creations with the use of vintage rug looms. She finds quality fabrics in all rugs she lovingly turns out.

Using many Finnish methods of rug making, these rugs proudly show the detail and quality of a well-woven product that can withstand the rigors of everyday living. Poly-cotton blend warp yarns with coordinating colors, woven into patterns that are very pleasing to the eye; these rugs are as lovely to look at as they are found to be so useful.



Careful selection of the colors, patterns and designs are incorporated into each rug coming off the loom. If you wish to have certain colors to match your décor, Karen can help arrange a tasteful combination in a workable pattern.

Various patterns and colors in original designs available for immediate purchase. 
Rugs vary in price and size.


 Birch Tree Rugs 

These rugs are reminiscent of the textured birch bark trees of the great Northwoods of Wisconsin.
Wonderful and unusual, created from double thick chained sock loopers from factory surplus, in cotton and polyester blends. "Recycling" at it's finest. Mostly cream colored with highlights of other accent colors to enhance it's beauty.


My Birch Tree rugs are very heavy!  The thick absorbent material makes this rug perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen or as a fireplace hearth rug. Lays flat and square, this is not a rug to rumple or crinkle up on your floors.  



  Shaggy Rugs

This type of rug has great texture with the most loveliest of materials. It is artistically created from thick cotton factory surplus, this is truly known as "Recycling" at it's finest. Very rich and unusual texture and most folks will try to guess and guess again what this rug is made out of! 

Custom made artistic textile that could be used as a wall hanging or accent piece in many decor styles.

   Wool Rugs

These woolen rugs have a very interesting design with heavy wool fabric, woven in pleasing pattern repeats or random weft strips.  
Rich fabric of wool content for long wear; professional dry cleaning recommended.
 The method in which this rug is created is call Log Cabin design. And is reversible with opposite thread colors making up the pattern on the other side of the rug.

   Rag Rugs

Rag rugs are my first love, and I have many colors and patterns to choose from  Or send me colors choices and I will custom dye to match a rug to your decoraing scheme.
Triple layered folded hems are sewn securely on all four sides, not just across one seam like many other rag rugs. This method allows the hems to stay firm and flat and do not roll up.

  Strong secure cotton fabric rag rugs with closely-set cotton/poly warp threads. Washes well in gentle cycle and hang over porch railing or bathtub to dry. 

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