Fiber Artist

Fiber artist

Weaver, knitter, spinner and quilter
When I was a child of 10, I belonged to a 4-H group which toured nursing homes to entertain elderly residents. Afterwards, we were to be "congenial" and visit with the audience. I wandered over to where three women were working with some big contraption. They swooped me up and plunked me down on the bench. I was allowed to sit and help bang the beater back and forth as they made rag rugs! That was it, I was ADDICTED!

Various old rug looms with vintage patinas now grace my studio. Echoing the processes used over the years by the spirit of long-ago weavers, guiding me over my shoulder, I weave anew. 
Looms fill my studio, THE LOOM-A-TIC WORKSHOP.
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