Fiber Artist

About the Artist


When I was a child of 10, I belonged to a 4-H group which toured nursing homes in Wisconsin, to entertain elderly residents with singing  German Folk Songs to them.

Afterwards, we were to be “congenial” and visit with the audience. I wandered over to the corner of a community room where three women were working with some big contraption. They swooped me up and plunked me down on the bench. I was allowed to sit and help bang the beater back as they made rag rugs!  That was it,

This weaving thing made such an impression on me.  I went home and drove bunches of nails into a picture frame to make myself a loom. I fondly remember unraveling my brother’s favorite knit sweater to get enough yarn for weaving. 


Always a fiber nut, I crocheted and sewed and 
cross-stitched and crafted all my young adult life. But it was many years later for the creative
weaving seeds that were planted in me, to nurture and grow.


I have a marvelous husband to foster and support my creative needs, helping to refurbish my looms and he also builds my necessary weaving stuff!


Now… many looms later, with a glorious weaving studio of my own, I am —– KarenInTheWoods.


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